Technology is a trade-off

While reading Kidz zone learning EDC3100 – ICT and Pedagogy ‘s blog post regarding ideas that educators have shared about ICTs, I had a flash back to my prac experience. IWB’s what a tool to have in a classroom!! No wonder it is called the second teacher!!

On the down side of technology though, I have to comment on the fact that my mentor did not have time to eat, since all her spare time was spent catching up on work related emails, answering parents etc…

I think that the fact that technology is on our fingertips has created a tremendous amount of pressure on all of us to respond to whoever is trying to come in touch with us, and often for a trivial reason ….

As we have all discussed earlier on, technology is a trade-off!!!

Teaching reading

Going through my blog, I read one of sophieonleckmy’s posts about teaching reading and writing. As I come from a different part of the world I was intrigued to find out that students used to be taught a whole word approach in order to learn how to read!!!!! Then again I should not be surprised to hear that this strategy has been used to teach reading, since English is mainly not a phonetic language!

To further expand on the Phonological awareness that is mentioned on the post, looking into reading specifically, it really starts before children are introduced to the letters. Activities such as predicting what will happen next while reading a story, looking at the pictures for clues in regards to what might be happening, changing the end of a familiar story are some very important reading and comprehension strategies with very young children.

Prac experiences….

Most of us seemed to have enjoyed going on Prac, despite the diverse experiences we might have had!

Great to see a photo shared by Lisa Rose’s Blog, from her Prac experience during the sports day…and yes it does look wonderful!!

I had the opportunity to enjoy at my Prac an Under-eights day, Grandparents day, Sports day….we did have a great time, but by the end of it we were all exhausted!!

Looking back into these experiences, my favorite one definitely was Grandparents day! It was lovely to see and feel the love, tears of joy and the feeling of pride that everybody shared!

Such a lovely experience!

ICT’s in Early Childhood

Going on professional experience proved an extremely busy time for me, as was expected! Afternoons and evenings were spent writing detailed lesson plans and creating Smart Notebook activities based on what I wanted to teach. Aside creating activities for the IWB, the rest of my teaching involved using the internet teaching sources that the school had subscribed to. They were reliable and professional, so I stuck to them.
Had I been exposed to the sites that are shared in this blog, I would definitely have utilised them in my teaching to provide new experiences to the children.
Even though a bit late, thanks for sharing this information!!!


While on prac I was overloaded with the ammount of time spent trying to find resources for ICT use. Its not that they dont exist but that you have to go through so many to find the right ones.

Then I saw this post by a fellow student and wished I had seen it sooner!

There was also another one that give link to a great resource for teachers which are free.

Thanks guys!


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Imprtant info for new teachers

Adding on charmainevanlill ‘s blog on ‘what a first year teacher should know’ found in the following site:


  1. Get ready for a 2-3 month period of constant sickness (double the time if you are working in the early childhood sector)!!!
  2. Make sure that you keep the receipts of whatever you have bought for your little darlings throughout the year for TAX return!
  3. Try hard not to spill coffee on the desk while you are juggling between eating a sandwich, drinking coffee, answering the hundreds of emails that wait for you while you are trying to explain to little Tony that break time is really meant for students to be OUTSIDE the classroom.

Happy reading, thanks for sharing this one!!!

Teaching tolerance…


The following site was found in charmainevanlill’blog:


‘A place for educators to find thought-provoking news, conversation and support for those who care about diversity, equal opportunity and respect for differences in schools’

It is great to find a site that not only provides us with information about issues that we as teachers do not always know about and even more often we are not aware of regulations that govern these.

Aside though the informative side of this site, it takes us on a discovery journey through articles that are dedicated to people who have made a difference in the life of others!

Thanks for sharing this!!

Smart phone issues…

iPhones are not only popular, but as seen in Never too late to learn. blog, there are many applications that make our life easier and some of them are found in this following site that she has posted:


At the same time though, the fact that there are plenty of negative applications out there made me go through the internet and find a relevant page that sheds light into some of these:


On the other hand, the same site provides us with information regarding which cell phones are ‘smart’ enough for kids to use but nevertheless are still safe.

I guess that as with everything else in life there is a dark side even to our beloved smartpPhones


A networked society, what a blessing!

The following link was found in emilymaskellblog.


Although the networked society was a new term to me, after watching this you tube video I realised that more or less we all belong to a networked society. We might not necessarily be able to create to create cool and complicated apps, but we are being the means through which various information can be shared globally. When I was younger the only way to have access to my favourite recipes or even to be able to cook, I had to go to the local bookshop and buy the relevant book or knock at the neighbour’s door!

Nowadays, not only can we find information instantly on the internet, but we can just as easily share it as well.

A networked society, what a blessing!



Flipchart IWB

Flipchart IWB

Interactive calendar for the Early Years students found in:



  • What learning area/year level you think you might use this.

This can be used in kindergarten and the first years of primary school. It promotes language development (learning the names and the written form of the days of the week) and number recognition.

  • What it is you like about the flipchart.

It is interactive and allows the children to take over, giving them ownership of their own learning.

  • Any problems you think it might have.

Prior to downloading this, it requires a relevant application to be installed.